Kainaw, Inc.

About Us Kainaw, Inc. is a private and secure technology development company specializing in software security development with assistive hardware support. Our programming development spans multiple programming languages: C/C++, Fortran, COBOL, Java, ADA, Perl, JavaScript, Python, and PHP. Our hardware development includes audio/video systems, virtual reality systems, hardware interfaces, and communication systems. We do not discuss client information.
Contact Kainaw, Inc. has one public contact:
Email: kainaw@kainaw.com
Address: 207 Karsten Creek Dr., Simpsonsville, SC 29681

If you are a client and have lost your contact information, please access this page using the computer we provided to you. You will see your personal contact information instead of the above generic contact information.

If you are looking for a business lead: We do not process credit cards. We do not process payroll. We do not need new services or replacement for existing services.